The Grenadier Pub

The Grenadier Pub

Considered to be royalty amongst London pubs, The Grenadier Pub is a landmark in it’s own right. This hidden gem of a pub can be found in Belgrave Square and is loved by locals and visitors alike.

Established in 1720 the pub was originally kept exclusively for the use by the senior infantry of the British Army and didn’t open its doors to the public until 1818. There is a legend that comes with this pub, it is said that the Grenadier itself was named after a young soldier by the name of Cedric who was a soldier who was reprimanded by other locals when he was caught cheating at a card game. No one knows exactly when this ghastly deed occurred, but it is thought to have been in September as that is when ghostly happenings are rife. Visitors hang money from the ceiling in an attempt to pay his debt, but poor Cedric seems to remain trapped on earth.

Spooky hauntings aside, The Grenadier is known for its outstanding traditional cuisine ranging from roasted duck breast to a mouth-watering beef wellington. If you’re passing through Belgrave Square keep your eyes out for this outstanding pub, but if you are planning on having a meal it is advised that you look beforehand.

When you are planning your next stay at Mercure London Paddington be sure to explore The Grenadier Pub, a wholesome and welcoming pub.

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