Google Maps – Google Flights – Google Hotels

Google Maps – Google Flights – Google Hotels

Planning a last minute holiday?

Make it easier with Google Flights, Google Hotels and Google Maps

Although there only one more month of summer, people are still making last minute travel plans and the popularity of these types of trips is increasing. Are you in the process of planning an eleventh-hour trip? If so Google Maps, Google Flights and Google Hotels are three apps you’ll want to consult as these will help simplify your adventure.

Google Flights is a great tool to use as it can assist you in tracking prices for the selected dates of your trip, if you’re venturing to a new county that you don’t know Google Maps is perfect for helping you navigate your way around a foreign land.

In May, Google announced a new feature that enables you to find the best deal possible of flights to your selected destination, the feature also allows you to track prices for the exact dates you want. Google will update you with an email if it finds prices that are lower than standard prices in the next six months.

Another useful feature that Google as developed is Google Hotels, it’s essentially a metasearch engine that allows its customers to look for and book hotels online in a few simple clicks. Meaning that when you’re searching for your next destination, Google really is one of the best places to start your research journey.

On Google Maps when searching for a location, like a retail shop you could use the Google Maps’ Business Tool to view a chart that showed you how crowded that particular shop is at that time and what its most popular hours are throughout the day. Google have now added an additional feature to this tool whereby you can see when full map sections are very congested.

Not only is Google Maps able to chart your travels, it is also now able to show you your car rental, flight, hotel and restaurant reservations quickly. Easing the stress of scrolling through emails for check in times and confirmation numbers etc.

One of the most frustrating and time consuming tasks can be finding a restaurant and then booking a table, especially if there is a large group of you, with Google Maps you can now book a lunch or dinner reservation by simply selecting the restaurants button in the app to show you a list of local places to eat. You then select the restaurant of your choosing, a pop up window will appear, in this window you will be able to reserve a table or, in some cases, join a waiting list if the restaurant is popular.

Planning a dinner night out with a large group can be a hassle, especially when you go at a busy hour. Google Maps can help you book a lunch or dinner reservation. Here's how.

Planning a trip where mobile phone service is minimal to non-existent can be tricky if you’re not sure about what your route will be either travelling there or once you arrive, in instances like this Google Maps is usable offline. A few helpful tips for using Google Maps offline, when you’re somewhere that has an internet connection search in Maps for where you want directions to, once in the locations window you will be able to pull up a menu from the bottom, there will be an option to download your route and once that’s done you’re on your way!

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