Olly Murs Light Up The O2 London

Olly Murs Light Up The O2 London

Take That and Olly Murs Light Up The O2 London: A Night to Remember

Music lovers, get ready for an unforgettable night at The O2 London! Take That, one of Britain's most beloved bands, is set to perform alongside the incredibly talented Olly Murs. Mercure London Paddington Hotel is excited to offer you the perfect stay for this musical extravaganza.

Take That: A Legacy of Hits

Take That has captured hearts for decades with their dynamic performances and chart-topping hits. Their 'Definitely Maybe 30 Years' tour celebrates the 30th anniversary of their debut album, promising fans a nostalgic and thrilling performance. With their new single "Windows" and the upcoming album "This Life," Take That continues to enchant fans old and new.

Olly Murs: The Special Guest

Joining Take That is none other than Olly Murs, a showman known for his captivating stage presence and catchy tunes. His collaboration with Take That is a match made in pop heaven, ensuring an evening filled with energy and unforgettable melodies.

The O2: A Venue Like No Other

The O2 London is renowned for hosting some of the biggest names in music, and Take That holds the record for the most performances at this iconic venue. The 'Definitely Maybe 30 Years' tour will add to this legacy with shows on April 25, 26, 27, 28, and May 1, 2024. Doors open at 6:30 PM, so plan to arrive early and soak in the atmosphere.

Stay With Us at Mercure London Paddington Hotel

Located just a short journey from The O2, Mercure London Paddington Hotel is the ideal place to stay for concert-goers. Our comfortable rooms and top-notch amenities ensure you'll have a relaxing retreat after an evening of singing and dancing.

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Tickets for this tour are highly sought after, so don't wait to secure your spot. Book your stay at Mercure London Paddington Hotel and get ready for a night of stellar performances by Take That and Olly Murs at The O2 London.

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